School’s out Friday

Well, who would have thunk it? I’ve always known Rives as a performance poet, but tonight, as I was searching around the Web for something to share with you here, I discovered that he is also a paper engineer. He’s very passionate about his craft – you’ve just got the check out the Advent calendar paper cube to see the brilliance in his art. I have to admit to a fondness for clever paper craft like that, where someone’s workmanship surprises you with hidden layers. I would have spent hours playing with that as a child had I been fortunate enough to have something like that.

For those of you who have never seen Rives’ performance work, we’ll revisit ‘Is 4am the new midnight‘, where Rives waxes his lyrical origami this time.

No time for lyrical origami for me tonight. The lure of sleep is strong, after another frantic week of work. I would be so pleased if my to do list had shrunk this week, but I think I’ll be looking at the same list and adding to it on Monday. Hopefully the weekend ahead will provide a slower pace and I’ll feel a little more in control when I next walk through the doors of my employ.

I hope you have a weekend that gives you what you need. Happy Father’s Day this Sunday to all the Dad’s out there. A special Father’s Day call out to my husband, who is far and away the best father I know. My kids are very lucky children.  🙂

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