My TEDxMelbourne talk: Education Leadership

Well, my TEDxMelbourne talk is up. See, there it is, right above these words.

My husband and I just watched it through and I was doing that involuntary shaking thing while I viewed myself talking. It’s a tad confronting seeing yourself onscreen, exposing your thinking for others to judge. It’s 21 minutes long, so I’ve gone way over my 18 minute time limit. I kind of suspected that was the case, largely because it was more difficult maintaining my train of thought in front of a live audience than it was in my lounge-room. Regardless, I’m happy with the outcome. I said everything I wanted to say, and I think the message I was intending to impart came across quite well.

I’ll let you be the judge of that. That’s the reality of formats like this – you give yourself and your opinions up for others to make of it what they will. And there’s beauty in that. Part of that beauty is what I was trying to convey in this talk – that we have mediums for expression now that can allow us to find our voices and our purpose. We need a teaching profession that understands this and allows for it to happen for students through learning experiences within our education systems. We can’t lose sight of the importance of teachers in this equation. It’s networked teachers who have real world experiences with connected learning that enable them to see possibilities and look beyond the tools, to see how you design learning experiences for students that help them become mindful digital citizens who make the most of what the web can offer them.

Time to let it go and see what’s said about it. That, in itself, will be an interesting experience. Part of my journey as a mindful digital citizen.


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9 Replies to “My TEDxMelbourne talk: Education Leadership”

  1. Hello there
    I loved your talk. I have worked in both private and state education although the other way round to you.

    I am passionate about Web2.0 and teachers using it to enable our students to become more digitally literate. We have Google Apps for Education and we also use wikis and a Ning. The teacher take up has been slower than I would have liked though. Any more ideas to get them interested. I’m thinking more joint observations this year.

    Teachers sharing and learning form each other has led me to start Teachvine, a network in which teachers can learn and share, no matter where they are located.

    I’d appreciate it if you would have a look:

    Thank you again for an inspiring talk. I got to it via twitter.

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks so much Jasmine. Loved your video- especially the singing at the end. 😉 Great initiative there. I think we all need to just keep plugging away at what we do. I know that I feel like teachers are much more open to these ideas than they were 5 years ago when I started my foray into connected learning experiences. Support from school administartions makes a huge difference- we need to be working on getting our leaderships teams supportive of our ideas.
      Jenny. 🙂

  2. Dear Jenny
    I loved your talk! I have taught in both state and private schools, although the other way round to you.

    I’m also passionate about students’ digital footprints and Web 2.0. We have Google Apps for Education, use wikis, nings etc. Getting the critical mass of teachers on board is still a struggle though. Any ideas? I like the fact that all of your students write blogs. How do you organise that, is there a time set aside in the week or is it part of each lesson?

    I’m also with you on teachers learning from each other. This led me to create Teachvine this year, a network for teachers to learn and share from each other. I’d appreciate it if you’d have a look and see what you think.

    I’ll be going into school in our area and I have members doing the same in their area to encourage people to sign up and share.
    Here’s a cheesy video of me talking about it:

    I’m going to post your talk on it now 🙂

    Thank you again for such an inspiring talk.

    Best wishes

  3. I’ve been a fan of yours since the days when you ‘tapped on the keys in your backyard’ – well almost that long. Your are an inspirational speaker and your passion for what you do and believe in, shines through!!

  4. Hi Jenny,
    I really enjoyed your talk! I agree so much with you that not enough teachers “get it” when it comes to the shift in technology. I am a student learning to become an educator, and I can only hope that I will be one of the teachers that I so wish I had had. As I listened to your talk, I kept flashing back to my days in high school and could honestly picture how my learning experiences would have been significantly better and more meaningful had there been an incorporation of more technology. The technology was there, it just wasn’t used. Now, I am in classes that stress this so much, and I am grateful. Thank you so much for sharing your talk, and inspiring me to help my future students create their digital footprints.
    Take good care, Victoria

    1. Thanks Victoria. I really value your comment. It sounds to me like you’re well on the way to becoming the kind of educator we need today in our schools.
      Jenny 🙂

  5. Hello Jenny,
    It is really great to see ordinary teachers given the time and space to speak about what they believe in. I love your comment on the state and private education. I also experienced exactly what you did with finally being able to teach without needing to manage a classroom of students. This experience gives the ability to be able to concentrate on trialling and experimenting with students who are willing and excited to learn. The revolution and huge changes in the delivery of education is difficult to try to keep up with, and your point about more skilled network teachers rings true.
    Keep up your fantastic sharing…it is very much appreciated

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