School’s out Friday

You know, there’s a strong likelihood that his has featured here as a School’s out Friday video before, but I’m too tired to search the annals and check. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I think it’s worthy of a laugh or two. I could make a video like this about VGA cables, but that’s a long story…let’s just say change is challenging.

It’s been a tough old week. I’ve had to say goodbye to my dear dog, Bella, She wasn’t always my dog, but the last six years she spent with me and my family were special. She was very much loved. She was a kind soul, gentle and loving. She smiled, genuine smiles that greeted me when I came home from work. Our home feels empty without her in it. I know we will adjust, but right now, my heart aches.

The weather bodes well for Melbourne tomorrow after weeks of bitter cold. I will sit in my backyard, soak up the warming sun rays and remember Bella. Faithful friends remain with you, never forgotten. Find some sun, wherever you are, and appreciate the things that matter.

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