School’s out Friday

I suspect many of you have seen this on mainstream media this week. Cats can certainly wind up in some funny spaces – seeing this brought to mind an experience I had with my dearly loved and recently departed cat, Bella. And yes, if you’re a regular reader you may recall me mentioning our loss last year of our dearly loved dog, Bella. That’s right, we had two animals in the same house with the same name. It’s a long story. Suffice to say, two animals often fronted for dinner when called!

But back to the story related to the video above. My parents live nearby, around ten minutes away. I drove there one day, stopping at a set of lights on the way. When I arrived, I could hear a cat wailing when I stepped out of the car. I thought I must have hit the neighbour’s cat so started looking around the car for an injured animal. No sign, but the wailing continued. I eventually narrowed it down to the bonnet of my car. Lifted it, and yep, there was Bella, huddled on top of the engine, wailing. I spent time in the weeks after this checking where Bella was before venturing out for any car trip! 2015-06-26 23-10-13

Bella, daredevil cat, is on the left. Bonnie, far too slothful for any such adventure, is still with us and on the right. No need to check my car when I venture out now. She’s never going to be hidden in the engine – that would require too much effort!

Have a great weekend. Seek out enjoyment. Make it your mission.  Just avoid positioning yourself on the wing of a glider or the top of a car engine.  🙂


School’s out Friday

You know, there’s a strong likelihood that his has featured here as a School’s out Friday video before, but I’m too tired to search the annals and check. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I think it’s worthy of a laugh or two. I could make a video like this about VGA cables, but that’s a long story…let’s just say change is challenging.

It’s been a tough old week. I’ve had to say goodbye to my dear dog, Bella, She wasn’t always my dog, but the last six years she spent with me and my family were special. She was very much loved. She was a kind soul, gentle and loving. She smiled, genuine smiles that greeted me when I came home from work. Our home feels empty without her in it. I know we will adjust, but right now, my heart aches.

The weather bodes well for Melbourne tomorrow after weeks of bitter cold. I will sit in my backyard, soak up the warming sun rays and remember Bella. Faithful friends remain with you, never forgotten. Find some sun, wherever you are, and appreciate the things that matter.

School’s out Friday

I’m sure quite a few of you who live with a dog can relate to the above video. And if you’re like me, and share your home with a Labrador Cross, then you’re bound to be able to relate.

Bella brings much joy to our life. She’s loving and loyal, but she’s never not hungry. If there’s food in the vicinity, then Bella’s eagle eyes are tuned in that direction, and we’re faced with a steady stream of saliva that seemingly emanates from a well secretly hidden within. We must love her to put up with that!

Hot weekend for Melbourne coming up. Pool weather. Looking forward to relaxing on the deck with a good friends and a glass or two of wine. Hope you enjoy whatever comes your way. : )

Here’s Bella


I recently wrote a post about our new arrival, Bella. Here she is – I can’t capture her looking at her most adorable with her front legs crossed. Every time I see her looking like that and I approach with a camera, she jumps up to give me another enthusistic greeting!  


Unexpected joy is hairy, black and eight years old.

My last post was about Lee and Sachi Lefever and the great work they do. One of the things I love about Lee’s blog is that he gives some insight into their lives. I feel like I know them even though they would have no inkling of who I am. I realise that this is something I do in my teaching all the time. I tell my students things about myself and my family and I think it helps to make connections that then help with the learning that needs to take place. Maybe I’m misguided about this but I don’t think so. For this reason, I’m letting anyone out there who may be reading this an insight into the unexpected joy that has entered my family’s life.

A friend of mine has gone to teach overseas. Her father was looking after her much loved dog, Bella. Three months or so into her appointment her father died unexpectedly and she had to return for the funeral. Knowing my friend, my first thought was ‘What is she going to do with Bella?’ I rang and offered to take her (without consulting any other members of my family). My friend was grateful but family had offered to look after Bella. (Much to the relief of my husband!) When she returned home for Christmas we went out and it was then that she tearfully revealed that the family arrangement had not worked out and would I mind if she took me up on my offer. Of course I had to say yes – who could leave an eight yr old black Labrador cross without a home? It was with much trepidation that I returned home that night to inform my husband that a new member would be joining our household. The news was met with much grumbling – a year ago we had to put down our very much loved 16 yr old Cocker Spaniel and I don’t think either of us was ready for the emotional investment that comes with having a dog.

Well, I’m very pleased to say that Bella arrived and the emotional investment we have made is making a good return. She is a sheer delight – incredibly well behaved and deliriously happy to be a member of our household. To see her run down at our local beach is to see happiness in its purest form. We are all smitten, even hubby who was all doom and gloom at the start.  She’s even doing wonders for my thighs as we trek the neighbourhood on our nightly walks and that’s got to be a good thing! Unexpected joy has crept into my life and I’m loving every moment of it.

(For the life I me I can’t figure out how to insert a photo of Bella. I’m wasting too much time trying to figure it out – once I’ve worked it out I’ll post a picture!)