School’s out Friday

I haven’t featured a flash mob in quite awhile for a School’s out Friday post, so time for some unbridled joy that comes from indulging in your groove thing. Well, the next best thing really – watching people indulging in their groove thing!

Having spent time at the Piazza San Marco in recent months, I’m not sure how this flash mob managed to clear the space necessary to get their performance happening. How they assembled a mass of people for this in a place like Venice and where they might have practised beforehand, well, that’s mind boggling too. According to Venezia Today (once Google Translate helped me decipher language!), it was a fiftieth birthday gift from a special lady to her partner. Interesting gift, and quite possibly, a pricey one too!

If I had any energy, I’d be up for getting my groove thing happening, but alas, end of year exhaustion has well and truly set in. Time to head to bed to reclaim energy levels. Enjoy your weekend – get your groove thing happening if an opportunity presents itself. 🙂

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