School’s out Friday

I’m sure quite a few of you who live with a dog can relate to the above video. And if you’re like me, and share your home with a Labrador Cross, then you’re bound to be able to relate.

Bella brings much joy to our life. She’s loving and loyal, but she’s never not hungry. If there’s food in the vicinity, then Bella’s eagle eyes are tuned in that direction, and we’re faced with a steady stream of saliva that seemingly emanates from a well secretly hidden within. We must love her to put up with that!

Hot weekend for Melbourne coming up. Pool weather. Looking forward to relaxing on the deck with a good friends and a glass or two of wine. Hope you enjoy whatever comes your way. : )

8 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. Pool! Wine! Warmth! Jenny Luca from Australia? You’re killing me! Wish I could be there. Have a wonderful relax and think about us in crusty dirty snow.

    1. I have been thinking of you Mel. A lot! It’s lovely being home, but I’d come back to New York in a heartbeat. Have a great weekend (when it gets to you!) : )

  2. Hi Jenny

    I just wish our cat would finish what’s in her bowl before she meowed for more. And then kept it down (damn fur balls!). At least dogs are appreciative…

  3. Great video Jenny!

    My dog is a garbage bin on legs! As a King Charles he has mastered the art of begging with his soulful eyes…I am the one who has to watch his waistline. In fact, I think I’m more vigilant with his waistline than my own!!

    This video would complement Kilmeny Niland’s picture book “Fat Pat”

    Enjoy your weekend relaxing on the deck…don’t blow away in the wind!

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