School’s out Friday

If you’re a heavy duty computer user, and you’re the owner of a cat, then I’m sure you’ll relate to the behaviour of Simon’s Cat. I’m frequently tapping the keys over the top of a cat that’s decided my lap is prime real estate they are occupying, whether I like it or not!

Yet another week where I haven’t had time (nor energy) to get a mid week post written. It’s a plight those of us who are busy classroom practitioners face. I’d like nothing more than to set time aside in my working life to tap something out, but the reality of busy school days doesn’t allow it. I’ve been launching student blogs, teaching kids about our Overdrive platform, spreading news about EasyBib, creating Libguides to support our Humanities curriculum, teaching my English class etc, etc. All good stuff, and important too. Sometimes you feel like you’re not achieving much, but when you take stock and think about what you’ve been involved in, you realise these are all small steps in helping your school community make big moves towards understanding new ways of accessing and using information.

Open Day at my school tomorrow. That means working on Saturday. No rest for the wicked, as they say. I think that bottle of wine chilling in my fridge will be under threat tomorrow night!

Enjoy whatever comes your way this weekend. Find some sun and soak in it. : )

School’s out Friday

I enjoy Simon’s cat. Having two cats myself, I can identify with the behaviours on display in Simon’s animations. This one takes my fancy because Bella, one of my cats, will position herself under lamps when I’m correcting school work.

I’ve had another very busy week, and I’m just about to write about it too in another post. I’m looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow and some quality time with my daughter, who returned from two weeks in the UK this morning. When I got home she was already asleep, and we haven’t heard a peep from her for the last 6 hours or so. I’m guessing she’s not going to wake until mid morning, and hopefully will be back in a proper sleep cycle before the start of school next week!

Enjoy your weekend. I hope something special awaits you. : )

School’s out Friday

It’s very apt that I use a video referencing a pet, considering the angst of the last 24hrs. Once again, a pet issue has occupied my time. Not the cat this time. No, it was the dog (again!) She wandered off sometime last afternoon and we located her this morning at the local pound. In the midst of this I attended the SLAV 50th Anniversary Dinner in Melbourne last night, and then this morning found my way back to the city again to look at new furnishing options for our now in construction school library. No rest for the wicked!

There’s been plenty I’ve wanted to blog about this week but I haven’t been able to get to this space.  I thought I’d share a few links with you of some of the things that passed my way that might prove of interest.

Google Instant shows results as you type, and it will be coming to your desktop when you conduct a search using Google in the coming months.

Rhonda Powling shared ‘Digital Footprints – your new first impression‘ via her vodpod account.

Future of Screen Technology makes some interesting projections about what may be; stretchable screens, transparent screens and e-ink displays.

Tech Heavyweights set to move music to the cloud is an article from New Scientist written by Macgregor Campbell. He writes;

“The extra bandwith and data transmission speeds of next-generation (4G) mobile networks mean it could soon be possible to listen to music streaming straight from the internet anywhere where there’s reception…”

He goes onto to query whether anyone would bother purchasing from sites like iTunes if this becomes standard practice. Interesting, and worth reading.

So much passes by me in a week, it’s hard to find time to share all the good stuff. This weak attempt might help those of you who aren’t plugged into Twitter and rely on people like me to keep you informed.

Have a great weekend. End of term fast approaching Aussie Educators!!

Enjoy. : )

School’s out Friday

Right now, I’m hoping that my cat Bonnie has found herself a hot spot somewhere and is enjoying herself before she makes the journey home. She’s been missing since last night and I’m worried. Honestly, my animals have caused me headaches this year! Bonnie’s not a cuddly cat, but she likes to be around you. The weather’s pretty miserable here right now so it’s highly unusual for her to not be curled up in a warm basket inside.

*Update – not a hot spot. Cold spot under a distant neighbours shrub after being attacked by what we think was a fox. Thank goodness for the microchip that identified her when she was handed into a local vet. She’s recovering. Being suitably pampered at home.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll enjoy mine if she makes an appearance!

School’s out Friday

I’m sure quite a few of you who live with a dog can relate to the above video. And if you’re like me, and share your home with a Labrador Cross, then you’re bound to be able to relate.

Bella brings much joy to our life. She’s loving and loyal, but she’s never not hungry. If there’s food in the vicinity, then Bella’s eagle eyes are tuned in that direction, and we’re faced with a steady stream of saliva that seemingly emanates from a well secretly hidden within. We must love her to put up with that!

Hot weekend for Melbourne coming up. Pool weather. Looking forward to relaxing on the deck with a good friends and a glass or two of wine. Hope you enjoy whatever comes your way. : )

School’s out Friday

Anyone else experience this. Usually happens at about in my house. My cat doesn’t annoy me in bed, instead she flicks the wooden blinds or kneads anything that makes a sound until I rise to let her out. I’m past worrying about the native animal population she may be decimating in the hours before dawn. If I don’t let her out there’s no sleep to be had. She’s in again when I take the dog for a walk and settles down to sleep for the next few hours – after a feed that is! Interestingly enough, she seems to know when it’s raining and then there’s no budging her from the bed. I think it’s true – cats own you, not the other way round.

A student shared this video with me this week; I really like it when they seek you out to show you something they enjoy. It led to a really pleasant exchange where we shared our cat stories.  They’re the kind of small ‘balloon’ moments I love about teaching. They’re the moments that lift me and make me really grateful to be sharing my days with young people who appreciate life.    

I’m settling down to a pleasant weekend of correction and reports. What fun! Hope your weekend plans sound more promising.