School’s out Friday

Anyone else experience this. Usually happens at about in my house. My cat doesn’t annoy me in bed, instead she flicks the wooden blinds or kneads anything that makes a sound until I rise to let her out. I’m past worrying about the native animal population she may be decimating in the hours before dawn. If I don’t let her out there’s no sleep to be had. She’s in again when I take the dog for a walk and settles down to sleep for the next few hours – after a feed that is! Interestingly enough, she seems to know when it’s raining and then there’s no budging her from the bed. I think it’s true – cats own you, not the other way round.

A student shared this video with me this week; I really like it when they seek you out to show you something they enjoy. It led to a really pleasant exchange where we shared our cat stories.  They’re the kind of small ‘balloon’ moments I love about teaching. They’re the moments that lift me and make me really grateful to be sharing my days with young people who appreciate life.    

I’m settling down to a pleasant weekend of correction and reports. What fun! Hope your weekend plans sound more promising.

4 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. I love this video. I remember seeing it months ago, and th ere were others, but this one’s my favourite. My dog is afraid of truck sounds, so every Friday morning at 5.30 am, when the rubbish truck comes by many times (we live at a fork in the road), she barks to be let out of the laundry (did I say laundry? I meant, the dog’s bedroom). This doesn’t make me happy.

    I hope you have a pleasant surprise to break up your marking weekend, Jenny. I have an unexpected get-together with an interstate friend I haven’t seen for a while.

    1. Nice to know you have something pleasant to do this weekend Tania. I’m still ensconced in the marking and reporting mode. Hope to have Monday clear. Need some downtime!

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