Web Search Strategies in Plain English from Commoncraft – cast your vote.

The latest from Lee and Sachi Leefever Web Search Strategies in Plain English. In my opinion, another useful video for my students and yet another great tool for me to use. I’m indebted to them both for making my job so much easier over the last year.

 I noticed  a new button on my blog’s toolbar tonight and realised that I could insert a poll. All going well there should be a poll at the end of this post that you can use to cast your vote about the latest offering. All a bit of fun really- I’m just keen to see how it works.

4 Replies to “Web Search Strategies in Plain English from Commoncraft – cast your vote.”

  1. Just read that PollDaddy was purchased. Was surprised how quickly wordpress.com added the polling capabilities to their list of tools.

  2. Tragically I cannot watch this video as our “net nanny” Netspace has deemed it “violence/undesirable”. Based on the commoncraft videos I’ve watched before (from home) that description couldn’t be further from the truth. How do we get through to the powers that be that just because there is some undesirable stuff doesn’t mean we should block access to the good stuff for everyone?
    So I can’t vote in your poll either as you don’t have a category for “unable to view due to stupid system”.
    I’ll get off my soapbox now, but I’d love some more thoughts on this issue.

  3. The videos are always great and not only are they useful to explain things to students, as not all students come into our schools with these skills. I have spent my life teaching the skills and this can add to my collection of support materials.
    I also like the way they go about the videos and the students could then take the ideas and create similar things for themselves.

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