School’s out Friday

Another improveverywhere effort to keep us smiling. This time they congregate at JFK airport to welcome back a stranger. The unsuspecting victims  find themselves confronted with a crowd bearing signs, flowers and ballons. It’s magic watching the expressions on their faces.

Improveverywhere have  a mission planned for tomorrow, the 10th of January.  It’s the 8th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride. Here are the details of the mission as they appear on their site;


When: Saturday, January 10 at 3:00 PM, Sharp! (Over by around 5:30)
Where: Meet at Foley Square at the black sculpture/fountain. It’s near the Brooklyn Bridge 6 train stop, between Centre and Lafayette, just north of Duane. (Google Map)
Bring: A backpack and a metro card.
Do not bring: A camera (we’ll have several photographers on hand)
Wear: Normal winter clothes (hat, gloves, etc)
Facebook: You can RSVP to the Facebook Event
After Party: For those over 21, there will be an official No Pants after party at Sidebar, 15th Street and Irving Place. First drink is free if you arrive without pants.

If you’re a reader living in New York this should be a lot of fun if you’re comfortable riding the subway wearing only your underpants.  Wish I was there, although I really don’t think I’d be game enough for this mission!

Have  a great weekend.

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