School’s out Friday

It’s been such a busy week I haven’t had time to get here and post anything about  the SLAV conference on Monday, or our face to face PLP meeting with Will Richardson that was held at my school on Tuesday.  But get here I will this weekend, when I can see light after the pile of correction that has occupied my thinking.

I like this. It’s one of those clever ads with the slow reveal and the aha moment at the end.

Enjoy the weekend and whatever comes your way.

2 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. Thanks for last Tuesday Jenny. It has been THAT kind of a week but one that has been really fulfilling for my own personal learning, although we came back to earth for the rest of the week with our own Outlook problems at school. This was the reason behind the post today. Less Outlook and more use of Gmail fof a number of things, I think

    1. I’m finding that too Rhonda. I often have difficulties getting onto the school email from home, but know my gmail account is readily accessible. I’m finding I am using gmail as my preferred email when I know I am going to need reliable accessibilty. Thanks for all you and the Whitefriars team contributed on Tuesday; it was a wonderful day for sharing and learning.

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