School’s out Friday

Hey everyone. Have you seen this? Our local guys have done good!

It’s Hamish and Andy, fellow Melbournians,  appearing last night on ‘The Jay Leno Show‘. They demonstrated World Championship Ghosting  to a US audience. You’ve just got to appreciate Hamish’s sandman move. Classic ghosting technique at its finest.

If you missed an earlier School’s out Friday post that highlighted Team Ghosting, don’t fret. I’ve embedded it here. Watch and learn.

Finally, school holidays have arrived here in Australia. Sleeping in, sitting out in the sun, reconnecting with my network. Aaahh….sounds like bliss….

Enjoy your weekend. Live life to the fullest. Go ghosting.

2 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. Yay, the holidays we’ve been waiting for. Not that there are holidays we haven’t been waiting for. Yes, relaxing, sitting in the sun, meeting with friends, network time (if only my laptop wasn’t a lemon). Have a good break, Jenny.

    1. We share hardware issues in common Tania. Mine is a lemon too. So much so, that the network administrator has installed my hard drive in her computer to allow me to get my correction done sucessfully. Looking forward to chillin’ out and feeling free.

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