School’s out Friday

I can’t wait to show my son this latest effort from the improveverywhere crew. This is Grocery Store Musical. My son is a huge fan of Food Court Musical and I am too. I don’t think this one lives up to the quality of Food Court Musical, but it’s still worth watching and raises a smile.

Been a busy week for me. Camp all week, writing a blog from there for parents, and today I was the recipient of the John Ward Award from the School Library Association of Victoria. I’ll write more about that over the weekend. Pretty worn out right now and in need of a sleep-in!

Have a great weekend. Hot one coming Melbourne’s  way.

2 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. congrats Jenny on your award. i have really enjoyed my year and the SLAV funds took me to the IASL Italy conference. i tried to catch you Friday as i have been meaning to ask the following questions re the library and your digital video collection. when you have a mo could you contact me – best wishes for a good rest after a big week, Jane

    What bandwidth are you running?
    Do all students have access to utube at all times?
    Have you encountered any problems with speed?
    How many students would be on your network at any one time during a school day?

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