School’s out Friday

I’ve just spent the most enjoyable week I’ve had for a long time with my two favourite people; my children. We visited Sydney and explored its sights and sounds. If I find some time this weekend I’ll post some pictures about our time there, that’s if they allow me to use some of the pictures that include visuals of them!

While I was there, Dennis Harter sent me a tweet directing me to this very entertaining young man and his ukelele version of Jason Mraz’s song, “I’m yours”. (You might remember I featured that song as a School’s out Friday earlier in the year). It raised a chuckle for all of us; my son watched it over and over and marvelled at his skills with the ukulele, but not so much his singing. I quite like his interpretation; reminds me of some of my efforts as I try to decipher just what it is artists are singing when I tune in to the radio!

I hope your weekend treats you well; Christmas shopping and a mighty big clean up of the house are coming my way. Sounds exhausting just typing it!

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