School’s out Friday

I think we need a good Flash Mob to end our week on a high. Beach goers at Bondi Beach in November 2009 were treated to this dance extravaganza while sunning themselves on what looks like a perfect Spring day.It was organised by DJ Dan Murphy and stars one of Australia’s most famous drag queens – Joyce Maynge. I love it, just like I love all flash mob events where people let their guard down and have fun entertaining the unsuspecting public.

School holidays are finally here for those of us teaching in Australia. Two weeks of Autumnal bliss. I just hope the perfect weather we’ve been having will hold out and we can enjoy the sun (and the odd Coffee shop or two). The ACEC Conference is fast approaching so I’ll be a tad busy putting together three presentations I am delivering there.

Enjoy your weekend. Make the most of whatever comes your way. : )

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