School’s out Friday

Funny, but informative too. (Thanks Nina for posting this in your instructional rounds ning.) I used Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy at the start of a presentation about Virtual Learning Communities using Ning, at the ACEC Digital Diversity Conference that’s been held here in Melbourne these last three days. I think there are lessons here that can be applied to the formation of learning communities and the importance of followers to make these communities work.

It’s interesting when you start a presentation with  a video running as participants enter. It establishes the climate and draws their attention; plenty of teachers could apply this kind of thing to their classroom practice to shape a lesson. Why not try it next week everyone?

This week has been HUGE for me. Three presentations in three days at the ACEC Conference, and an interview with the 7.30 Report about Cybersafety. I’ll post about these over the weekend. Pretty tuckered out right now.

A sleep in is in order for me tomorrow. Then I better get stuck into cleaning this house because it’s back to work next Monday for teachers in Victoria.

Have a great weekend. Make the most of it. : )

9 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. I was very impressed with the important message that you delivered regarding Cybersafety on the 7.30 Report. Thank you for posting a link here to the show. Well done!
    Thanks for also sharing Leadership lessons from Dancing Guy – a very simple but effective way of describing the process!

  2. Brilliant job on delivering 3 presentations (during YOUR HOLIDAYS), winning ACEC2010 Australasian Media Award, still making it to dinner, and writing this post in the wee hours of the morning. That’s either supreme dedication or madness!

    1. Madness, Tania, all madness. : )
      I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the lift you gave me to my car – if I’d had to walk that distance collapse was imminent!

  3. ACEC2010 Australasian Media Award
    Congratulations Jenny – I’ll put it up in the ‘ning’.
    You’ve certainly inspired many and you’ve had to be the ‘dancing guy’. Well deserved!
    Cheers Nina

  4. Congratulation on winning the ACEC award Jenny! I am so glad that I nominated you for it as you are just an amazing educator and you deserve every bit of acknowledgement.

    Great work too on the 7.30 report. When are you appearing on the 7pm project??

    1. Thanks Judith for your very kind words, and for nominating me for the award. : )

      Wouldn’t it be great to spread that message on the 7PM project! The audience would be different, but equally in need of hearing some positive feedback about the positive things happening in our schools in relation to how we teach our students to use the Web safely and ethically.

  5. A very informative clip on the 7.30 Report on a very complex problem within schools. I am pleased that schools are being ‘heard’ in terms of what is being done to ensure that bullying is addressed in real and effective ways within schools. Thanks for the post!

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